-United, We Hunt-

SPRS is always interested in gaining new members or teams to network with. If you are part of a paranormal team that would like to network or a local enthusiast or skeptic looking to join a group, don't hesitate to E-mail the team at Swanzey.paranormal@gmail.com.

The Swanzey Paranormal Investigation Team are a group of individuals who have spent a large majority of their lives researching and investigating paranormal activity. They are dedicated soldiers, who are willing to endure, the darkest of the dark, the creepiest of the creepy, and the most dangerous of the dangerous, in order to find answers. 
"We enjoy and embrace every investigation we do, and take in the hundreds of years of history that come with each location, we learn, and we teach. We use the slogan, "United, We Hunt", because we feel every single Paranormal investigator in the world, is connected on a major level. Even though our methods may differ, our objective is the same, to gather evidence and to answer the question that 'haunts' us on a day to day basis, 'what exactly is going on out there?"    -S.P.R.S.